1. Peruvian Lilies

Peruvian Lilies

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Peruvian Lilies

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: 1001-P-104735

Peruvian Lilies Delivered

Our colorful Peruvian lilies make it easy to surprise the special people in your life. Send a gorgeous bouquet of 50 stems or double your gift with 100 impressive stems to really wow them.

  • Bouquet of multicolored Peruvian lilies; features multiple blooms on each stem, approximately 50 in total
  • Double their gift with our large bouquet, featuring over 100 blooms
  • Picked fresh on our premier farms around the world, our flowers are cared for every step of the way and shipped fresh to ensure lasting beauty and enjoyment.

Add to their gift:

  • Rustic natural wood graduated vase with natural rope detail; measures 8.5"H x 4.75"W (100 blooms only)
  • Clear fluted glass vase in a classic hourglass shape; measures 9"H (100 blooms only)
  • Blue Mason jar with medallion design, inspired by the ocean waters around the world; tied with raffia; measures 6"H x 4"W (50 blooms only)
  • Clear hourglass vase with elegant carved fluted detail; measures 8"H (50 blooms only)
  • Natural wood shadow box sign featuring the sentiment “Live life in full bloom”; measures 5"H x 5"W (wood vase and blue Mason jar only)

How to Care for Peruvian Lilies

Once received, Peruvian Lilies are easy to care for! As one of the longest lasting cut flowers offered, these blooms will be sure to brighten up any space with little maintenance. Upon arrival the stems of the Peruvian Lilies should be cut at an angle and then placed in a vase of cool water with flower food. Every two to three days the water should be changed and more flower food should be added. After a week another cut to the stems can be made and water should be continued to be changed out. For more information on Peruvian Lily care and arranging check out this video!

The Meaning of Peruvian Lilies

The meaning of Peruvian Lilies symbolizes friendship and devotion. The leaves of this flower twist as they grow upside down from the blooms, which is said to represent the twisting path that friendship can take.

What do Peruvian Lilies symbolize?

Peruvian Lilies are beautiful flowers that are sent as a sentiment of friendship and devotion. They come in shades of pink, orange, white and yellow. Peruvian lilies can be a great addition to a bouquet or stand alone flowers. Send a gorgeous bouquet to your friend for their birthday or just because!

Are Peruvian Lilies the same as Alstroemeria?

Yes! Another name for Peruvian Lilies is Alstroemeria. The perennial comes in pinks, reds, oranges, yellow and white. Check out more Alstroemeria bouquets for delivery!

Peruvian Lilies Delivered

Our colorful Peruvian lilies make it...